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Yes this is the holy grail.

After scouring the web I managed to write a small class library that allows you to use Windows® Image Acquisition 2.0 lib to scan multiple images from scanners with an auto document feeder.

So its plain and simple to use and also contains a Win forms test app.

private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ADFScan  scanner = new ADFScan();
        scanner.Scanning += new EventHandler<WiaImageEventArgs>(_scanner_Scanning);
        scanner.ScanComplete += new EventHandler(_scanner_ScanComplete);
        ScanColor selectedColor = ScanColor.BlackWhite;
        int dpi = 300;//some scanners have a problem if you set a lower DPI
        scanner.BeginScan(selectedColor,dpi );
       //ADFScan will now raise a Scanning event for EACH document scanned.
       //then scan complete once there are no more documents to scan.
void _scanner_ScanComplete(object sender, EventArgs e)
        MessageBox.Show("Scan Complete");
 void _scanner_Scanning(object sender, WiaImageEventArgs e)
 {//e.ScannedImage is a System.Drawing.Image
            e.ScannedImage.Save(filename, ImageFormat.Jpeg);//FILES ARE RETURNED AS BITMAPS


This lib references WIA 2.0, which is available by default on Vista and higher.

This works for Windows XP SP1 onward but you need to install Windows® Image Acquisition Automation Library v2.0 You may also need to run :
>regsvr32.exe wiaaut.dll

Tell me if you are using this successfully or anything else you like : OR

Here is the github clone for the git people:


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