Unable to scan from ADF

Jul 19, 2012 at 9:48 PM


I downloaded your project and run the test application.

Unfortunately the scanner don't taks the documents in the feeder but scans from glass by default.
After some hours searching I found 2 properties that made it posible to scan from the ADF.

After putting the poperties below into the code I can scan 1 page with the ADF.


With 2 or more pages I get an Error: 0x80210006 (WIA_ERROR_BUSSY)

Is there a way that I can scan more then one page from the ADF and is it normal that I must add 2 properties to make it posible to use the ADF (what the libary tells to do by default)?

Can someone please give some code snippet to solve my problem.

Thanks !!

I use Windows 7 with a brother MPF (and correcet WIA driver).